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Whirled Peas provides hands-on and demonstration culinary classes where students learn how to make better food choices and discover techniques in cooking that lead to success. Educational classes include:

Additional Services:

Private Culinary Lessons: Develop or improve your culinary skills.


Healthy Lifestyle Cooking: Work together to set-up and stock a pantry that will make it easy to prepare creative meals that support a healthy lifestyle. With diabetes, obesity, and heart disease rates at an all-time high, it is imperative to eat the foods that will keep us healthy.


Wellness Programs: Whirled Peas can cater a lunchtime cooking demonstration at your workplace while employees enjoy a delicious, healthy catered lunch! Take-home recipes are included.

Visit our Contact Page or call us 410-596-2305 to get your party on the calendar!

Learn to cook outside the box, naturally.

Whirled Peas is ServSafe Certified.

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